Aligner therapy has improved tremendously over the past 20 years. The original company that introduced the world to removable clear braces as an alternative to traditional metal brackets is Invisalign®. Today there are about 30 different laboratories that offer clear aligners. While at dental school and before returning to El Dorado Hills, Dr. Guess shared a house in dental school with the founder of Invisalign®, Dr. Ross Miller. Dr. Guess has been utilizing aligners for over 20 years, and he was a beta-tester for their Invisalign® teen product over a decade ago.


A series of fabricated aligners slowly move the teeth over months. Aligner wear equals 22 hrs per day, seven days per week, for about two weeks. Calibration of each aligner set allows gently controlled press that moves the teeth to the new desired location. If there is more crowding or rotations of the teeth, more aligners will need to be fabricated to achieve the desired result.


Traditional braces typically utilize a pull force to shift teeth while aligners push teeth to move them.

It is essential to wear the aligners as instructed because insufficient wear can cause significant relapse after completing treatment.


The tooth is held into position by ligaments. When the tooth is pushed or pulled, two bone cells start working. The first cells are called osteoclasts, which remove the bone.

The second group of cells is called osteoblasts. Osteoblasts help lay down new bone. To effectively move teeth, we must gently push the teeth for 22 hours to allow both types of cells to work optimally. Less wear per day leads to little or no tooth movement.

Aligner therapy is a viable option for busy parents and picky teens. This type of orthodontic treatment opens the possibilities for patients who would otherwise not believe that orthodontic treatment was an option. To find out more information or schedule an in-person or virtual examination, please call us at (916) 933-0123 or email us at [email protected].

Michael Guess served as Past-President of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics.

He earned his lifetime board certification. His office has served the community for over three decades, and if you are interested in straightening your teeth or have other dental related issues such as jaw pain, sleep apnea, headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, sore muscles & Invisalign in El Dorado Hills CA.

To find out more information about Invisalign in EL Dorado Hills CA or schedule an in-person or virtual examination, please call us at (916) 933-0123 or email us at [email protected].

Dr. Guess has dental acupuncture certificate #005 from UCLA and went on to be a continuing education instructor for dentists at UCLA for Dental acupuncture and taught a continuing education course for dentists named “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) course. He trained with Dr. Stephen Tracy in Uplands, California, for botox.  

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