Perhaps more than any other specialty in dentistry, orthodontics requires a team effort from everyone involved in treatment. This includes the orthodontist, staff, patient and parents. Dento-facial problems involving the growth patterns of the face as well as misaligned teeth can be complex. Dr. Guess has undergone three additional years of post-doctoral training in order to learn the special skills necessary to manage the complexities and nuances involved in orthodontic treatment. 

Our clinical staff average over 13 years of experience per staff member. Our team members take pride in their jobs, recognizing the important role they take in making sure that each patient has an enjoyable orthodontic experience.

Continuing education is a big factor in our office. Our skills are constantly being honed and refined through continuing education and coursework. The staff routinely takes several orthodontic training courses with Dr. Guess each year. Three of his Registered Dental Assistants have been accepted and are now attend or have graduated from dental school. In addition to continuing education classes the office also participates in cross training with other orthodontic offices outside the El Dorado Hills area. Dr. Guess is a senior councilor in the ONLY post-doctoral college for orthodontists. Each year he spends one week at the annual College meeting refining his skills and learning the latest techniques being introduced throughout the world. When he returns to the office he educates the staff and implements all new material learned into the practice. This is just one method of keeping our office cutting edge and up to date on technology.