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Dr Guess is a pediatric orthodontist who has completed additional specialized college training in the dental field of orthodontics. He is highly trained, board certified and motivated to help you be the best you can be. He can have a huge impact on how he looks, and the way he looks can change his life. Make sure you choose the best kids orthodontist in El Dorado Hills CA. We provide comprehensive dental care so children can maintain their best oral health. Through regular, ongoing appointments, we can identify and treat infections early, so your child doesn’t experience any symptoms or premature tooth loss. As a pediatric dentist in El Dorado Hills, we understand how important good health is to your child and we do everything we can to make that a reality.

Why Do El Dorado Hills Kids Need Braces?

Many issues can arise during a child’s early life that may necessitate a visit to the Children’s dentist and then the orthodontist. Items such as the unexpected loss of primary (baby) teeth can cause issues with tooth crowding. Habits such as thumb sucking can change the bite significantly. Accidents sometimes necessitate early treatment. Sometimes tooth and jaw problems can be caused by losing baby teeth too soon, accidents, or habits like thumb sucking. But the primary reason for malocclusion is that it’s inherited, so if you or someone related needed braces, likely, your children would also need them.

Often, during a routine visit to the family or children’s dentist in El Dorado Hills discovers developing issues that a pediatric orthodontist can help. A recommendation to be evaluated for braces (a dentist trained to specialize in correcting jaw and teeth alignment problems) usually follows. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an examination at age seven.

Age seven is considered a critical period when jaw growth or tooth issues can be corrected. Improvements in the field, especially early treatment, have reduced the need for permanent tooth extractions from about 75% of all patients to about 25%. During the exam, the pediatric orthodontist takes measurements and evaluates the occlusion (bite), dentofacial orthopedics (jaw relationship), and recommendations on the appropriateness and timing of treatment. 

What To Expect At The First Kids Orthodontist Visit in El Dorado Hills CA

The first visit allows the patient to become familiar with the office. The staff greets the patient and shows them around. Eventually, the patient sits in the examination room.

After being introduced to the doctor, the exam begins. During the exam, the kids orthodontist and staff take measurements and check the jaw, mouth, and teeth relationships. Expect questions regarding chewing, swallowing, face trauma, or jaw clicking or popping of the jaw. Any Problems with headaches, pain, and speech necessitate further review.

The orthodontist staff may take X-rays of the jaw, mouth, and teeth to determine their location and development. Impressions (molds) of the upper and lower teeth allows the staff to make a replica of the teeth.

These molds can help a kid’s orthodontist decide the best treatment course. With photographs and other measurements, the children orthodontist assesses a course of action. In essence, a treatment plan is a road map to address problems and the type of treatment to fix them. Once the assessment process completes, the result becomes the treatment plan.

Note: When people think about a healthy, beautiful smile, they usually think about the appearance of the smile. A kid’s orthodontist thinks about the mechanics of a smile, or what dentists, children orthodontist, and pediatric orthodontists call “the bite.” It’s how the teeth come together and it’s the orthodontist’s job to make sure that each upper tooth ideally meets the opposing lower tooth. When aligned correctly, they function much like teeth in a cog-like gear for a watch.

Function means that things work, and in the case of teeth, jaws, and muscles of the face, it’s the ability to chew and bite your food. Ideally, the function creates minimal tooth wear without jaw issues throughout the patient’s life. And one more thing. A good functioning bite not only looks good but also allows the patient to eat a wide variety of foods and speak clearly.

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Michael Guess served as Past-President of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics.

  1. He earned his lifetime board certification. His office has served the El Dorado Hills community for over three decades. You are interested in straightening your teeth or having other dental related issues such as jaw pain, sleep apnea, headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, or sore muscles.

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Dr. Guess earned a dental acupuncture certificate #005 from UCLA and went on to be a continuing education instructor for dentists at UCLA for Dental acupuncture and taught a continuing education course for dentists named, “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) course. He trained with Dr. Stephen Tracy in Uplands, California, for botox.   

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