Profile: Appears within normal range.
Dental: The intraoral photo on the right shows the teeth are forward by nearly one whole tooth. Notice that in front the center of the upper teeth (midline) does not match  the center of the lower teeth (midline).  This is called a midline discrepancy.
TMJ: This patient was referred by her family dentist because he could not do routine care.  Her mouth would become “stiff” and could not open enough to allow him to provide dental treatment.  This had progressively become worse..

Facial: The profile has changed slightly.
Dental: The left intraoral photograph shows the improvement of her bite. The teeth are in their ideal positions.  The midline is much improved.
TMJ: Patient had several large fillings replaced with crowns after treatment without any difficulty.  She has been finished for over 12 years and is still doing well.

I came to Dr. Guess’s office over a year and one half ago.  I had headaches, joint pain and clicking of my jaw. At age 36, I didn’t know my bite was off and causing most of these problems.  So, guess what?  Braces.  I only wish I could have been directed to Dr. Guess years ago!

The success is a perfect “bite” with no head pains and extra straight teeth.

Dr. Guess treated me because my bite was off.  I had headaches.  My jaws were sore. I also was clenching my teeth and rubbing and massaging my jaw joints.  When I opened my mouth, the clicking and popping was so loud that I was sure others would notice (they did!).  When eating, my jaws were sore.  I favored one side when talking. My jaws would tire.  When I opened my mouth wide, my bottom jaw would deviate from side to side.  I believe that the Spasmodic Torticollis has a lot to do with my clenching problems and undue stress/pressure on the joints.  My S.T. is a forward pull.  My head is not in the upright position.

Dr. Guess has corrected my bite.  The headaches are gone.  The joints still get tired with a lot of talking or opening of my mouth. The jaw still deviates.  Now when I eat, I don’t favor one side. I am as comfortable as I can be.  My stiff neck and head are due to the Spasmodic Torticollis.

I believe, had my previous dentist noticed my bite was not right and corrected it 20 years ago; my joints would not have gotten as bad.